Knock knock – Who’s there?

If your kids are obsessed with this joke format but they never know what to say next, here is a few ideas to help them out LOL

Cow says – Cow says who? – No, cow says mooo!
You – You Who? – Yeah!
Boo – Boo who? – Please don’t cry…
Who – Who who? – I didn’t know you were an owl?!
Atch – Atch who? – Bless you
Europe – Europe who? – You are a poo!
Mary – Mary who? – Mary Xmas!!

Me silly!

Banana / Banana / Orange – Aren’t you glad I stopped saying banana?!


You can never buy too many books to your kids

I just realized how many books we have in our home, books for the grown ups, books for the little ones… And of course the kids books are on lower levels so they can help themselves at any time.
I recently bought two amazing ones, one for my 6 years old son, one for my 3 years old girl. There is nothing more to say about those, just looking at them it’s clear how great purchases they are.

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Picturehouse kids club

Clapham and Brixton Picturehouse Cinemas both have a great kids club where they show cartoons for the kids in the morning on the weekends for a very cheap price, great rescuers of rainy Saturdays or Sundays mornings 🙂

Did you know…

… that apparently the building where you can now find the Ritzy Cinema was the first cinema based on the south side of the Thames in London? Wikipedia states that it first opened in March 1911 as “the Electric Pavilion” and was one of England’s earliest purpose-built cinemas seating over 750 seats in the single auditorium. Like many cinemas of the period, it was fitted with an organ.


Thank God it is still here nowadays as it is a great cinema with a very affordable kids club as well, and also offers many other activities at daytime as well such as Yoga classes!