How to apply for permanent residency

It is undeniable that the political events of the past few months have put a dark light on the future of Europeans living across the UK, no matter how long ago they arrived.

My husband had been considering applying for citizenship much before all of this happened, he even passed the ‘life in the UK’ test in August 2014. But because our daughter was a baby at the time and we did not get much sleep at night, we kept on pushing back filling out all the forms for him to apply for British nationality, providing the traveling diary requested which was the longest job to put together with all the papers requested.

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Lambeth Townhall

So many things you can do at your local town hall, such as registering your child’s birth 🙂

How to get your new born child a passport quickly

If you are British or have all your relatives living in the UK, you probably would not understand the urge to get your new born baby a passport to leave the country and travel soon after their birth.

However, many of us who moved to the UK only less than a decade ago or so, not followed by the rest of their family of origin (immigrants or expats, if we want to sound posher), feel a strong desire to make their parents and grandparents meet the new addition to the family as soon as possible, not only on Skype so to speak 🙂 . Some may have elderly relatives that won’t be able to travel in a foreign country; for others it’s a financial matter, where it makes more sense for less people to move and visit the rest of the family instead of the other way around; or you could have a sibling’s wedding to attend or some other important family reunion you simply cannot (and don’t want to!) miss.

Since June 2012, minors have been able to travel only if they have their own travel document and can unfortunately no longer travel just by using their parents’ passport containing the minor’s name. Hence the need of an ID for the baby too, quite quickly. The things to know about this procedure are the following.

Delivery discharge summary

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