The end of an era

When your youngest child stops going to the nursery which the older siblings attended too before them, because he/she starts to move on to the next school level, it feels like the end of an era. You know the whole staff names by heart, you remember how each Xmas show went every year, you recall when that class room was painted in green and now those walls are orange… You are so used to the journey from home to the nursery, you cannot imagine you will never do it again (unless you have another baby in the meanwhile!).

It was a difficult choice for us to make, we absolutely loved our kids first nursery and will never stop recommending it. However we feel that our youngest is ready to move to bigger spaces in a preschool nursery for kids from 3 to 5 years old as her older brother did at the same age. And the fact that we are now offered 30 hours a week for free (9am-3pm Monday to Friday) with only lunches and after school clubs to pay the days we are working until 6pm, is also another main reasons that lead us to give our notice to our previous nursery. Not only she will have teaching staff who is more specialized in her age group, with amazing indoor and outdoor spaces and activities; for us it will also feel like we had an increase of salary without actually having to ask for one… When you combine budgeting factor with thriving conditions, the answer becomes quickly quite clear.


Dear nursery manager,

It is with great regret that I am giving our 8 weeks notice to remove my daughter from your nursery.

My husband and I want her to follow her brother’s step and have a year at a preschool nursery before she will start reception in Sept 2018.
It was a very difficult decision to take, our children had the best years of their toddlerhood at your safe, loving and stimulating nursery.
Their little personality will have been shaped for ever by the input of the Montessori method and the great care of your staff as a whole.

We wish all the best to the school, the teachers and the kids and we never know, you may have a third little infant of ours attending in the future or maybe not, we will see!

Kind regards,


The end of the tunnel (at least for a little while)

When your kids reach an age where:
– They are both invited to the same birthday party on a Sunday afternoon and you can drop them and use the spare time to wonder around in Brixton market, relax and have a coffe with your husband before you pick them up again;

– You can book a babysitter between 6 and 10pm to attend a surprise birthday party on a Thursday night knowing they will be absolutely fine, maybe they will just fall asleep a bit later than usual for their excitement;

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Lots of ideas for a birthday party…


When you become a parent one of the tricky things that starts appearing into your life planner once a year is the dilemma of your child’s birthday party.

You want them to have a great time to remember and celebrate something they like a lot as children, growing up (!), but at the same time you may feel overwhelmed to invite and entertain 20 kids in your tiny flat or be concerned they will destroy your house or garden!

Here are a few local ideas I used for my kids. They were born in the spring but weather is always a question mark in the UK so I used lots of indoor options as well 🙂

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Finding the right clothes for your baby

You have been waiting for this moment for the past 9 months! OK, so now you have your little bundle of joy in front of you, out of your bump, all naked and cold so how are you going to dress them?

IMG_0427 copy

At the time I had to get my baby’s bag ready for their arrival to bring in hospital with me I had no idea if I would have a tiny baby or a big one (I did not even know the gender to help me!). Hence I chose 2 outfits size 1 months and 2 of size 0-3 months, just in case those did not fit. But when I first became mother, I found the baby clothes sizing in general a nightmare: way too big or soon too small, I had not bought enough of a particular type of baby grow or I had too many of very cute but non at all practical outfits.

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Your feedback is important to us


How do you think the Victoria line is doing generally speaking also considering how much costs a tube pass nowadays? Just comment below with your opinion!


Planning to get pregnant? Plan it well :-)

Just a few things to think about before you plan to have a baby ❤

Medical conditions. Check that your vaccinations are up to date with a pre pregnancy blood test to see if you are immune to those disease that can cause unborn babies to have serious birth defects, such as Rubella or Toxoplasmosis (if you are the owner of a cat for instance), and make sure not to conceive until your immunity is confirmed once again by a new blood test after you vaccinate against them. Lately, you may be offered to also have a whooping cough vaccination during your pregnancy to protect your baby in their first few week’s life.You may want to have a screen for disorders such as Thalassaemia.

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Birthday and Christmas presents for boys and girls up to the age of 3

If you need a few ideas for some special occasions presents, such as a birthday or at Christmas time, for your first child or for a grandchild, a niece, or your best friend’s little boy, here are a few suggestions all between 0 and 3 years of age 🙂

Outdoor presents

I find it quite nice that both my kids were born at the end of the spring, which makes my preferred choice for a birthday present any outdoor related activity. Of course kids need fresh air even during winter, so I am sure those can just do the trick, even if your child was born in autumn or towards the end or the beginning of the year. The good thing is that the gender does not matter: boy or girl, they will have so much fun on those going to the park!

1. From 10 months onwards (£50+): the smart trike

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