About my posts

When you start writing about several topics, you may want to be as objective as possible. You always bear in mind the politically correct prospective and try to be very respectful of others ideas and cultures. However you can only speak about your own experience, hence your point of view will always be narrowed by those conditions that form your story and your personality, no matter how open minded you may think you are.

That is why I want to apologize beforehand if any of the content you will find in one of my posts may feel offensive or incomplete to you. Please, do get in touch with me for constructive critics or to specify/prove whether I published something incorrect and I will be more than happy to confront my opinion and make amendments and correction where/when necessary.

In any case when you read about information I share on this blog, beware of the date of my post as the content may not be valid anymore if a law has changed or a specific financial rule has been updated. I would deeply appreciate if you could let me know if there is any link I provided that is not valid anymore. All content can be available on request both in Italian or French, if you need a translation of my texts. Be understanding with me and bear in mind that English is not my first language, despite I hope to make as little misspelling or sentences structure mistakes as possible 😉

I will always try to keep the layout as simple as possible as I believe it is all about the content of your blog and not how funky it looks like, as long as it is clear and functional to find and read the posts. My categories are intended to cover our every day life: we are women first of all; we often fall in love; we may get pregnant; we then become mothers and we help our child live into the world through their education; all of this with the help of great reading; visiting amazing places; doing some good shopping and finding out useful stuff to know along the way 🙂 Maybe, if I will keep this blog for long enough (probably another 30 years) I will be able to add a new category I would have not explored yet… G for Grandparents lol!

Just to clarify, at any point my intention will ever be to sound like the perfect mother or wife by any mean, all the contrary! Because it’s a hell of a journey, I just want to share with you what made it easier for me to get over some (many actually) difficult times 😉 That is why I will tend to sound optimistic and carry on with the hardest job in a life’s time, being a mum, despite I will sometime give you an insight on how I may have felt low and lonely along the way… I just believe that once your journey starts and your wonderful demanding children enter your life, it’s best to stay positive and find solutions to your problems rather than just moaning all the time about how tough it is (though a good moan now and then is always healthy to get it off your chest!).

I will always keep anonymity on myself and the people I share my life with, so you may find initials where a whole name is intended. Because I share so much and openly I believe it is crucial to protect my family life and keep the content to a general level (basically in my opinion no one particularly needs to know what’s my full name and where I live to get my message across). When and where do I find time to write my posts in my busy life? Mainly on the tube in the morning, once I dropped the kids to school, on my way to my workplace. And at my return in the evenings, sitting in an overground train, where I can use my wifi to make researches and post my texts live 🙂 .


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