The end of the tunnel (at least for a little while)

When your kids reach an age where:
– They are both invited to the same birthday party on a Sunday afternoon and you can drop them and use the spare time to wonder around in Brixton market, relax and have a coffe with your husband before you pick them up again;

– You can book a babysitter between 6 and 10pm to attend a surprise birthday party on a Thursday night knowing they will be absolutely fine, maybe they will just fall asleep a bit later than usual for their excitement;

– You occasionally wake up a bit earlier than them for the first time, even if not much more than 20 minutes, as they are not up at ridiculous hours at the crack of dawn and this way you can enjoy your breakfast in silence;

– Your kids wake up quite early on the weekend but they put on the telly and make their own breakfast and you sleep an extra 45 minute before they start fighting about a toy;

– You buy a pack of night pants every two weeks and that is the only nappies you have to worry about (hurray for potty training fase being over!)

– In a few months your younger child will have access to 30 hours council nursery a week which means Monday to Friday 9.15 to 3.15 free of charge, even on weekdays you are off if you work part time;

– Your family household will be at least £200 better off as you have less childcare vouchers to pay from September, next academic year;

– In the past 6 months they have not returned home with a vomiting or diarrhoea bug passing it on in turns to all the family members;

– If you are running late for school and work, your older one collaborate and put on his uniform quickly completely on its own and the little one tries to do the same to copy their sibling and you save 10 minutes…

Then you start seeing the end of the tunnel and really enjoying their company in your life (at least until teenage years I suppose, where there will be new challenges ahead as a parent!).


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