You can never buy too many books to your kids

I just realized how many books we have in our home, books for the grown ups, books for the little ones… And of course the kids books are on lower levels so they can help themselves at any time.
I recently bought two amazing ones, one for my 6 years old son, one for my 3 years old girl. There is nothing more to say about those, just looking at them it’s clear how great purchases they are.

With ‘The Worlds Worst Children’ my son is trying to read on his own (when I don’t have time to finish one of the 10 stories it contains) even if he just started reading and is still finishing Year 1 as he is so curious to know the end. Every character has of course some sort of moral to teach too. Other great titles for his age are “The midnight gang” by the same author or the series that starts with “The 13 storey treehouse”

‘Good night stories for rebel girls’ is simply a must, the book that everyone who has a little girl in the family was waiting for to come out there (and I personally feel very appropriate to read to boys too), outlining how you can be whatever you want to be – even when you were born female, a concept previous generation of women missed hugely or still quite a lot depending on the years they lived in, myself included.

Some great books for her age are also “The Cat wants custard” to read about determination or “The colour monster” to talk about her feelings.
Books that I read to both of them together are “The book with no pictures” or “Mr. Bunny Chocolate Factory” 🙂 .
In each one of those two books from the picture I wrote a few lines to my kids (in Italian this time), to understand the value of books in general.

“A R. e al piccolo grande lettore che è già nato in te, perché cresca e diventi sempre più tosto e curioso! I libri sono la libertà, anche quando si è rinchiusi in una stanza, ti fanno volare via altrove o ti fanno capire la realtà davanti a te, specie con una risata… Con tanto amore, la tua mamma C.”

“A M. e alla piccola grande donna che sboccia in te ogni giorno come un fiore, e cresce annaffiata dalle giuste parole e dai giusti modelli, nella speranza che le volte in cui dico la cosa appropriata siano più numerose delle volte in cui faccio quella sbagliata, senza saperlo o senza volerlo… Con tanto amore, la tua mamma C.”


Keep on buying paper books to your kids, as the next generation needs to familiarize with this format before it’s too late and they won’t be printed again and they need to truly understand their importance: their are watching enough screens with massive TVs, iPads and mobile phones. But you need to read yourself as well, as ultimately they only do what they see their parents do and not what they are told to 😉


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