Brittany in my childhood memories

I know Brittany very well. My mum was born and raised over there and I spent every single summer holidays in the area until I was 18. I remember my grandparents country house with that huge garden where I could play for hours (ironically sold in the late 90s to an English man and his wife who I am in contact with twice a year by Xmas wishes and birthday pictures of my kids). And I know by hear the streets of the little main town (Quimper) where my mother grew up and returned to once a year to be closer to her parents and siblings since she lived in a foreign country for her (Italy, where my father is from and I was born and raised).


The main attraction of the area is definitively its coast. Beautiful immense beaches with freezing water but amazing views. To mention a few at north of Quimper there is Pors Ar Vag and Treboul (first 2 sets of pictures), Ty Anquer, Sainte Anne La Palud (no pictures in this post) and at south of Quimper La Roche Percee and Cap Coz (second 2 sets of pictures), Kerleven and Beg Meil (no pics here).





Its typical little harbors like Douarnenez in the north area (where you can taste the best ever original crepes ever in the entire France at Le Gouter Breton) or Benodet and Saint Marine in the south (you can taste excellent seafood at L’Alhambra) are picturesque and so romantic!


Apart from the charming city center that you can visit in Quimper, just in its suburbs there is also a beautiful Villa to visit Le Chateau de Lanniron

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I hope to have inspired you to go and visit my mother land, that you can also reach by Boat with Brittany Ferries by selecting the route to Roscoff (or Saint Malo at 3 hours distance) so you can keep your car to visit this beautiful area!

PS All pictures in this post were taken by myself between April 2011 and October 2014.


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