Goodbye and thank you card to the best childminder ever

Dear Jennifer,
There are no words to describe what you mean to my kids, especially my daughter!
I will try to summarize as best as it is possible: you are wise and sensitive, gentle but firm, practical but tender…
With you they were safe, happy and stimulated the whole time and there are so many things I would love to pick up from you or needed your advice on!
My daughter recently and my son 3 years ago could not have had a better start in their childcare experience, detaching from us to get close to you: their future experiences might really struggle to live up to their emotional and intellectual expectations!
It really went too quickly and I wish we did not have those practical reasons for them to start nursery after they had been under your care at a very young age.
I hope you will be happy to have them occasionally through the years (availability permitting) when they have a day off from school or during the summer holidays, as they would benefit so much from having you in their lives!
Wishing you all the best to you and your husband and the boys and do not hesitate to give my number for references, it will be my pleasure!
With love,


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