House warming party invitation

We made it, a place of our own (or at least 40% of it and only once all debt is paid up to the bank lol), a safe and comfy nest where to happily raise our kids, where to relax together as a couple, be in love most of the time, argue a bit now and then 🙂
In the 10 years we lived at 70B Lambeth Road, when we soon realised we were likely to spend the rest of our adults lives in the UK, we visited places and looked at several apartments to see if we could buy a property pretty much everywhere, amongst which Farnham, Edenbridge, Beckenham, Leigh on Sea, Redhill, Streatham Vale, Rochester…

Too small, too expensive, too far from amenities, bad area, too much commute, inconvenient schools catchment area, too noisy, no good value for money, bad light exposition.. We were sure we would never find the right place without huge compromises, we thought we would probably buy one day with a feeling of being out of choices more than anything else.

In the meanwhile our new house was being built just under our nose. For 2 years we would drop our son to the nursery on the opposite side of the street and we would see the work in progress, the renovation of the area… If someone had told us ‘they are building your flat just over there, right now!’ we would have never believed them..

We would have never thought we could fall in love with a new place straight away like that, feeling home from the vey first night (even our little boy stopped having nightmares and our baby girl started sleeping through the night with consistency!). We liked the size, the light exposition, its location, the room plan, the silence (so far), its features, its functionality…

So dearest friends come to see for yourself what made us betray 70b Lambeth Road after 10 years and celebrate with us a life time achievement: when nowadays everyone usually buy a flat first, have kids at some point and eventually get married, we did it all the other way around!


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