Finding the right clothes for your baby

You have been waiting for this moment for the past 9 months! OK, so now you have your little bundle of joy in front of you, out of your bump, all naked and cold so how are you going to dress them?

IMG_0427 copy

At the time I had to get my baby’s bag ready for their arrival to bring in hospital with me I had no idea if I would have a tiny baby or a big one (I did not even know the gender to help me!). Hence I chose 2 outfits size 1 months and 2 of size 0-3 months, just in case those did not fit. But when I first became mother, I found the baby clothes sizing in general a nightmare: way too big or soon too small, I had not bought enough of a particular type of baby grow or I had too many of very cute but non at all practical outfits.

Here is what I learned for sure: never trust a size tag inside baby clothes, they are absolutely unreliable! The best thing to do would be to try them on one by one and get a feel if it’s still too large for the baby to wear it (especially around the time there is the next age gap, such as 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 or 12-18 months), but you may not always have the time and end up leaving on a side something you feel it’s too big, to then try it on when it’s too late as I did so many times, such a sad waste 😦

In case of lack of time, a good thing to do is to compare arms and legs length with another item you know fits your baby well at the moment. Another thing to know is that when you don’t have a bracket but just one age (f.e. 2 years), that means the end of the period, so up to the age shown on the tag. There are some brands that makes a difference between the 24 months and the 2T (that stands for 2 toddler), in the sense than the 24 months will be more of a baby designed, slightly smaller and assuming your baby is still wearing nappies, whilst the T for toddler implies a more advanced child in the mouvements and already potty trained. Other things to know are more generic about specifics makes.

For instance any French brand will be notoriously smaller that the size indicated. So typically a Petit Bateau size 12 months is more likely to be cut like a UK 9 months. I personally found Early days (Primark) quite similar to French brands, so in my opinion they tend to be smaller in size compared to other brands.
Mothercare and any USA makes such as H&M or Gap are quite big on the other hand, so you can usually comfortably make your baby (if they are in the UK average size of course – check on their red book in which percentage they fall at their next weight check) wear one of their 12 months item up to 14/15 months.

When it comes to price range, any French brand will be topically pricey (Jacadi just to name one); whilst H&M, TU (Sainsbury), FF (Tesco) and George (Asda) can be very affordable. Mothercare and Gap offer a medium price when it comes to value vs cost. Jojo Maman bebe is in my opinion just a step before the expensive brands.

And if I may, let me give you one last piece of advice: if you are buying baby clothes for a friend or a close relative, don’t do it just because you have to, or for the pleasure of purchasing sweet tiny outfits waiting your turn to be pregnant… So be kind enough and always get a gift receipt in the bag, as it is very likely you bought the item: too big; too small; not for the right season; they already have a million of that specific outfit in the same size but on the other hand desperately need a different type of item; they actually have it double; the mum does not like it and she is so depressed of having nothing under control in the house and her life since she became mother that at least she wants to decide herself what to make her baby wear… This way they will be able to change it (if they need to and if they find the time) and this does not make you less of a friend because they did not appreciate what you got them, it makes you a special friend as you were understanding of their needs 🙂


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