Third baby… or not

Why I should not have a 3rd child…

– I’ve only got 2 hands to hold my kids when crossing the street;

– I am not longing to get back to wake up 5 times a night and being unable to nap in the day time to get energies back as I have to juggle older kids during the day;

– We are already too many on this planet, let’s not be stupid, not to say selfish;

– I was blessed with a boy and a girl so I am already the mum of a son and a daughter;

– We can only afford a 3 beds flat and the space is just perfect for a family of 4, we would be a bit sacrificed if we were 5, especially for the 2 siblings sharing the same room;

– I might get pregnant with twins (aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh disaster!);

– Now that I have a mortgage it would be really difficult from a financial point of view for me to go on maternity leave again;

– I want to retrain when both my kids will be at primary, it maybe too late if I have to wait again for a 3rd one to be 4 years old;

– Your parenting style suffers a lot when you have to meet multiple demands;

My second delivery was so empowering, I doubt I can repeat that at such amazing level, so I might as well keep this as my freshest memory about giving birth…


Why I may have a 3rd child…

– I am only turning 33 this year, I could still have another baby in 4 or 5 years when my 2 other kids are more independent;

– I adored being pregnant, I was in great shape most of the time during both pregnancies and I loved feeling my baby’s kicks <3;

– I have a million new born outfits/toys/accessories brand new I could reuse a third time;

– That immense joy when you meet your baby for the first time is priceless;

– I am an only child and always wanted a big family;

– I have an amazing maternity wardrobe still in excellent state to wear;

– My husband is so supportive and such a present father, all the responsibilities would not fall just on to me;

– We could adopt or foster a third child if we really struggled to get our minds set…


We will see what the future reserves us 🙂


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