The secret garden

I simply love this place. It feels magic, it looks like just stepped out of a fairy tale. For a long time I wondered what was behind those walls, whilst walking next to the lake…

When I found out all that beauty at spring time, I thought I had finally realized my childhood dream, to become the main character of ‘The Secret Garden‘, a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Have you guessed what I am talking about? Just comment below if you know 😉


One thought on “The secret garden

  1. Brockwell park?
    I have had a few moments of “magical garden” too. One in my in-laws house in Devon, they have a fantastic garden.
    And another moment at St George’s gardens in central London, near kings cross. I have a blog post on those gardens that I find at spring time are eerie. The space has been turned into a public garden after being used for many years as a cemetery. Grave stones and all are still there, maybe that’s why I feel it is such an eerie place. Here is my blog with some photos to have an idea of the place

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