Leaving do invitation

Goodbye 70B Lambeth Road. Nearly 10 years and we are getting parted at last.

How do you end a relationship that lasted so long and that has been so enriching through the years? Do you simply admit you cheated on them with a younger more accessorized flat with a shopping center soon open next to it as you gave up on the intensity of having a new place to stay in? Do you organize a funeral, to declare to the many friends how loyal you were to always provide a roof under which to find shelter at the end of every day, good or bad, for almost a decade?

You were our twenties, you were are welcome to London, you were our strong accent and lack of vocabulary: you were the future with a million of possibilities ahead of us. You were our student years, broke and flat sharing with strangers; you were constant fights against damp, out of date appliances and mice; you were the new trend, with local amenities and the area becoming posher and posher every month…

Our relationship consolidated through the years so you saw us grow up together and get married; we returned into this very same flat from King’s College Hospital maternity ward with our baby son, we had become parents; second time around, you decided we were expert enough to deliver our own baby girl on our own, in one of your bedrooms, with no one else around to help.

Maybe we were just meant to stay here for quite some time but not forever… Nevertheless we really don’t know how to say farewell after so long and so much we shared here, so please dearest friends come along and help us commemorate all what this flat meant to us!!!

PS. Yes, I am moving out of Brixton, just after having started this blog here, but be reassured, only a few bus stops away, in Streatham 🙂 Therefore my life will be the same, I won’t have to lose my friends, habits and favorite places ❤ I actually just found an interesting article on Brixton 10 years ago, wrote just a few months before we moved here!


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