A very special friend

I have a very special friend, I have known her for 8 years. My husband met her through work 2 years after we moved to the UK but she quickly became a common family friend. She was our first British good friend (despite she is half Japanese) as when you come from another country you tend to socialize with people who speaks your same language and have your same culture, just to feel a bit less far from home. But she made us feel welcome in London straight away, since we started going out with her. She is that kind of friend that will introduce you to her friends and they are such nice people too that you instantly strike up new friendships so when you find a friend like that, you find a million friends at once!

She organized my hens do despite we are not friends from childhood; she came to our wedding in Italy, paying for her own flight; I went to her hens do and wedding; she was the first woman to meet my son (one of her girlfriends to meet my daughter); she babysit for us once or twice a year even if we are not even relatives; she was on call duty to look after my son in case I gave birth to my daughter in the middle of the night; she saved my marriage when I was in the darkest hour of my relationship with my husband, because of my own issues…

She is generous and beautiful inside out. When someone is mean to her, she kills them with kindness. I never heard her saying a gossip or an unnecessary sharp critic about anyone. She cares. She arrives systematically half an hour later than the time she said she would pick you up (lol). She always brings a cute little present back from when she travels, for our 4 family birthdays, at Xmas time. She is usually very cheerful and even when she is down, she takes bad times with philosophy. She has an amazing artistic talent and I feel she is a bit unlucky not to have a contract yet. She has a bit of dark humor and she tends to be a bit shopaholic when it comes to clothes, though I have to say she is our family stylist since 2008, as she gives strongly needed advice to my husband and leave me plenty of her spare great clothes for me to wear so I never have to go shopping 😉

We had an ‘argument’ only once, it was a complicated one as it was related to a mixture of loyalty and professionalism; I still think each of us remained of our own opinion. But we never raised our voices, I never felt I could be really crossed with her and fall apart from that friendship. It has been a bit cold for a couple of months and then the next time we met, we hugged each other as if we had only met the week before. It was all forgotten, you don’t even mind to wonder who was right, when you love someone so much to the core.

Erika is family to us ❤



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