Don’t forget to change your clock!

It’s now 8.25am and not 7.25am, so if you have a play date to the Clapham fun fair today or you wanted to take the kids to the 11am slot at the soft play area, you will have one less hour available for breakfast and to get everyone ready in time, just to complicate your life a bit more 🙂 Kids can suffer quite a lot the change of hour this time of the year, even if it’s just an alteration of 60 minutes to their usual schedule… To avoid them being grumpy or clingy it would have been good to plan ahead (which I didn’t have time to think about of course, as if we didn’t have enough to organize in our daily lives!) such us putting them to bed 15 minutes earlier 15 days ago, then half an hour ahead 10 days ago, then 45 minutes earlier 5 days ago so that today they would be easily getting used to the new routine. In that case it’s important you follow the changes with them too, otherwise they wake you up at what still feels 6am to you (instead of 7am let’s say)!


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