The perfect man does not exist – nor does the perfect woman by the way :-)

In an ideal world the man of my life would have…

my teenage years idol’s voice (Massimo singer from Neri per Caso);

my first boyfriend’s gaze when I was 15;

one of my colleagues’ way of walking down the corridors;

the mouth of my not-so-secret crash at high school (my oldest class mate);

my husband’s smile, shoulders, nose, breast, hands and legs ❤ ;

an ex colleague of mine from finance department’s eyes;

French footballer Bixente Lizarazu‘s buttocks 🙂 ;

my mum’s teenage years idols’ haircut (The Beatles of course!)


Said all that, he would probably need as well:

my childhood idol’s DIY amazing skills (MacGyver, who else? Hehehe);

my first love’s innocence (Year 9);

my favorite series character’s generosity (Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap);

my husband’s humor, honesty, joy of life, music talent, patience, stress free and intelligence ❤ ;

my favorite Italian journalist’s (Marco Travaglio) coherence;

my favorite movie character’s integrity (Nicola Carati from “The best of Youth“)…


This is just to say there is so much beauty around, out there, that even when it does not belong to me, I am grateful for it and appreciate just looking at it and enjoying it 🙂

PS And luckily I am also quite happy with my husband’s gaze, voice, mouth, buttocks, generosity and integrity for him to be the man of my life in any case ❤


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