A reminder list of things I DON’T need to buy

Putting some order in my wardrobe, chest of drawer and window cabinet the other day, I just realized I have:

– 8 sets of sheets and pillow cases for my queen size bed (as if we were babies that vomit their milk or leek poo from their nappies every other night! And by the time you put them into the washing you certainly don’t have time nor space to put another one there too straight afterwards, so they are always dry for when the pair you are currently using is ready to be changed anyway 😦 )

– 9 winter coats of all sorts (when I always wear the same two! – a sporty one when it is really really cold, and a smart one when I have to look elegant, so that it goes well on the dress I am wearing underneath…)

– 7 sets of scarfs and hats (I shall really remind my husband’s grandma very diplomatically but firmly I cannot accept another of her beautifully hand knitted hats!! And beg anyone who is looking for a Xmas present for me not to opt for a scarf this year once again… But strangely enough, they could get me a pair of gloves: I only have one leather pair to match all the 7 sets and the blue petrol color certainly does not go well with all of them 😉 )

– 15, yes I said 15 pairs of thick winter tights of all sorts (not the ones that would easily break and have to be replaced), a couple inherited by a good friend who had too many of them and when she gave them to me I felt of course so happy to have them as if I had none left so I took them 🙂 (but I have to say I probably have one for each skirt or dress I wear and I love winter just to put those one with my long smart Bertie boots!)

– 6 big bath towels and 6 bathrobes (so even in the unlikely event that we would have guests staying with us and we went to the swimming pool in the same period of time, I would not have a chance to use them all; plus we are back to the washing/drying issue where it would take me ages to get them all back in my wardrobe again…)

– 14 different tea cups (when it’s just me and my husband in the house most of the time, and everything goes in our dishwasher at the end of the day anyway!)

– 35 books on Italian politics of all sorts (of which we probably read only 10 to be fairly honest and then we got fed up with it realizing we would never move back there anyway – I don’t even dare to accept free books not knowing where to find space for those until I finish reading them all, so I find myself a bit stuck at the moment with my literature 😦 )

– a big plastic bag from John Lewis full of other paper and plastic bags of an undefined number of different brands and different shapes and sizes!

That’s it, it’s off my chest now and I just want to make sure I don’t get any more of these things in my house before it explodes, as I secretly fear I have a compulsive tendency to accumulate more items of the same sort even when I don’t need them 😉 Please feel free to comment on what you have accumulated at home too, so I don’t feel alone in this craziness!


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