New clothes needed for a bump

You may have just had your pregnancy test positive or you may have known for a few weeks and the risk of a miscarriage is over now. In any case, you may not realize it yet, but soon you will start feeling uncomfortable in your skinny jeans if they are quite tight at your waist and at some point your t-shirts will not have enough room for your bump within which your baby is growing ❤

Not every woman will do maternity clothes shopping, depending also on the way they used to dress before their pregnancy. I have a friend for instance who bought almost nothing as her wardrobe was full of XXL jumpers and massive tops 🙂

I personally enjoyed this time of my life as I had not renewed my outfits in ages and I also wanted to feel really comfy in my body with the new changes ahead but still attractive at the same time, not just a big hot air balloon :-D. Knowing I wanted more than one child on the long run, the investment made sense to me anyway…

So, when you buy your new collection to fit in with your additional bundle of joy, you have to consider a few things to optimize your purchases. Here are a few common sense based tips but maybe with your new baby brain I may help you not to skip any sensible observation!

1) What seasons will this pregnancy cover? This time you may need just a few long sleeves tops and most short sleeves t-shirts if you are due at the end of the summer for instance. Bearing this question in mind you will know how many jumpers and long warm trousers or short fresh skirts and dresses you will need until the arrival of your baby ❤

2) What is the employer dressing code policy? If you have to look smart and you work 5 days a week, maybe consider if you have a couple of items you can still use, like dresses, and think of up to 8 elegant maternity outfits to rotate and cover a total of 2 weeks, (to include time for washing machine too 🙂 ).

3) Do you have to attend an important wedding with your bump? You may not need to spend a fortune in stores that specialize in ceremony dresses for pregnant woman: any imperial style ceremony dress should do, just try it on first to see if it’s not too short on the front with some length taken by the tummy.

4) Are you likely to try breastfeeding? (I personally could not recommend it enough!) Think about the fact that once baby is born you will still want to feel comfortable in your clothes for the first few weeks before your abdominal area returns into shape or if you had a C-section but at the same time easy to wear whilst nursing at any time of the day / night :-). Most brands have considered this option anyway, therefore they design most of tops so that they will have room for the big bump and you will also be able to open the upper part at the level of your breast, but not all models come this version. So watch out (including nightwear) to make your shopping once only and save some time for when baby will be around and you will be quite busy to find time to go for some new shopping…

5) What is your budget? Here is a list of brands I actually used through my 2 pregnancies and that I have been categorizing based on my personal opinion. Prices may vary from good deals (£) to quite expensive (£££). By ‘Handy clothes’ I mean pajamas and less elegant but mostly comfy clothes you may use over the weekend/at home.


So good luck/look with your first bump shopping!


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